This is only available as a convenience to our Out of State customers who are having their babies shipped and would like for us to order all supplies needed for the arrival of their babies.


*Price includes all items listed, EXCEPT for the bedding. Bedding is a matter of personal preferance.


Cage Set Includes the following items:


  • 30x18 size cage or larger (depends on market prices and what's available at the time order is placed)
  • 8 oz Water Bottle
  • Giant - 12" Diamter  Wheel (assorted colors)
  • Cozy Hideout  
  • Two Dishes
  • Heat Emitter Bulb 150 Watt
  • Fluckers Clamp Lamp 150 Watt (8.5" Diameter)
  • Digital Thermomter 
  • Digital Thermostat Controller

Cage Setup - Out of State Customers Only


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