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We encourage you to come and handle a few of our available hedgehogs before making a decision. Remember, that a hedgehog will be a part of your family, and like any other pet will need a lot of handling and affection.

That is why we have decided to add "MEET & GREET" as part of our services. That way you can make sure that a hedgehog will be the right pet for you. We will ensure that you are fully educated before you leave, so you don't have to regret any precipitated decision that are usually made by impulse buyers.


Our fee is $35 non-refundable per appointment and needs to be paid in advance prior to coming out. We also ask that you read the policies page of our website and fill out the adoption application, prior to requesting an appointment.


Our MEET & GREET session usually takes about an hour depending on how many questions you may have. In the event you decide to purchase a hedgehog from us, the M/G fee will be credited towards the purchase of your hedgehog of choice.


Please Note: "Meet and Greets" are ONLY to come and meet the babies that are listed as "ready now" on the available babies page of our website. If the baby you are interested in coming to see is not ready until a future date, that means that they are still in the nest with the moms and for those babies we can not bring them out for you to meet because of the risk involved taking them away from their moms. Sorry, no exceptions!


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    Please remember to kindly read the policies page of our website and to fill out the adoption application prior to requesting an appointment.

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