QUIXI - FEMALE - PRICE $385   DOB: 12-11-2020


READY BY 1/22/2021 (estimated date only, must weigh 200 grams)



DOB: 12-11-2020


*note: Quixi has an eye patch that looks like an eyeliner on her left eye, but none on her right eye, which gives an optical ilusion of one eye being bigger than the other. However, both eyes are the same size.

QUIXI - FEMALE - PRICE $385 DOB: 12-11-2020

Delivery Method
⚠️ Cage Requirements

    Please read our "POLICIES" page first, before making any deposit. Also, if this is your first time owning a hedgehog, please download and read the available pdf CARE MANUAL.


    Deposits are non-refundable. $50 deposit is applied to the total purchase price.

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