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78 - 80 DEGREES!!!



In order to keep your hedgehog from attempting false hibernation (which can lead to death), and to prevent your hedgehog from becoming sick, it is EXTREMELY important that you keep your hedgehog warm!  We strongly believe from personal experience that 78 - 80 degrees is the most comfortable temperature for them. 


You may always use a human heating pad, and place underneath the cage, in addition to a heat lamp to keep them at this temperature. Using only a heat pad is not enough to keep the air inside the cage at the adequate temperature. Please keep in mind that a heat pad will only heat the surface of the cage and NOT the air inside of it. It should also be used with caution, as it has caused feet burns in hedgehogs if set too high. You may also cut a piece of fleece into strips and place it inside the hideout of their cage so they can snuggle in it and keep warm (be careful with any loose threads).  In addition, you will also need to have a thermometer and regulator in order to read temperature, and achieve the desired temperature.

Please note: If your hedgehog suddenly becomes wobbly, that DOES NOT mean your hedgehog has "WHS" (wobbly hedgehog syndrome). " WHS" DOES NOT happen from one day to another or in a sudden manner. Signs of wobbliness are usually signs of your hedgehog being too cold or a possible ear infection.

What is Self Annointing?

  • The pictures above show examples of what self anointing looks like.  Anointing is a possible response that a hedgehog will exhibit when they encounter a smell that they are unfamiliar with.  The hedgehog will possibly bite, chew or lick at the source of the smell, then they will froth at mouth to create a lather. Next they will deposit their foamy saliva on their quills by contorting their bodies. Many times by contorting their bodies, they may fall over.  Some become so entranced that they become unaware of their surroundings.


  • Many new owners mistaken this behavior with a health problem.  However, it is completely normal.  In most cases it is even amusing to watch!

Snacks and Treats! - Yummy!


  • bananas   

  • apple

  • blueberries

  • cantalope

  • honeydew

  • mango

  • papaya

  • pineapple

  • rasberries

  • strawberries

  • watermelon

  • kiwi

  • pear

  • melon


  • asparagus

  • cucumber

  • green beans

  • peas,

  • turnips

  • cooked carrots

  • cooked squash

  • cooked sweet potatoe

  • In Addition, you may also feed: cottage cheese, yogurt and baby food.

Meats - Protein - (boiled and unseasoned)

  • chicken

  • turkey

  • salmon

  • beef

  • tuna

  • pork

  • lamb

  • boiled eggs


  • crickets

  • mealworms

  • silk worms

  • wax worms

Live or Dried

  • Never feed chocolate, raisins or grapes!

**Please remember that the main part of your hedgehogs diet should be a high quality cat kibble.** 



  • To prevent obesity, snacks and treats should be given in small quantities only.


  • We offer boarding services for a fee of $5 per day.  Payment in full is due at the time of drop off for the total amount of days. Payment shall be made in Cash Only.

     Please call for additional information and availability of space.

  • We are now offering Grooming Services .  Please go to the store page of our website for additional information.


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