*Sample Cage Setups*

Not Acceptable!

  • High or steep ramps (like the chinchilla cage pictured above), and tall cages with different levels are not good for hedgehogs.  Hedgehogs in the wild can walk up to 5-6 miles per night.  Therefore, they require more floor space than height.  Also, they have poor eyesight and can walk right off the edges, risking serious injury and possibly death.  (Exception: any large guinea pig cages, C&C cages or other customized cage with ramps, must lay low, and cannot be high or steep. Because hedgehogs have short legs, it must be safe for the hedgehog to get up or down, like some of the cage samples pictured below.)

  • Hedgehogs are NOT rodents and cannot live on wire bottom cages.  It can cause serious injury to feet and toes!

  • Hamster cages are a big NO-NO!  They are NOT the adequate size nor habitat for a hedgehog.

  • Glass Aquariums supply poor ventilation, hold humidity (which can lead to URI's) and don't retain heat as well as a plastic tub.  They are also extremely heavy and harder to clean.

You can go to the following website http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/standard-guinea-pig-cages to purchase a C&C cage.

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